Assessed values are equalized by the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance every two years. Jones County has received a 15% agricultural equalization order from the Iowa Department of Revenue for 2019. This increase would apply to agricultural land and buildings (dwellings not included). We applied for an alternative method to apply the order with the Iowa Department of Revenue because our agricultural building value is in compliance with the ag factor rule. The Iowa Department of Revenue has approved our alternative method to increase agricultural land only by 15.76%.  Protests to the local Board of Review in regards to the equalization order can be submitted to our office from October 9, 2019 until November 4, 2019.


The 2019 agricultural land and building values will still be less than the 2018 agriculture values. However that does not mean your property taxes will be lower for 2019. See the video below for an explanation of how your assessed value can decrease and your property taxes can still increase or remain the same.

The Assessor is charged with several administrative and statutory duties; however, the primary duty and responsibility is to cause to be assessed all real property within their jurisdiction except that which is otherwise provided by law. This would include residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural classes of property. Real property is revalued every two years. The effective date of the assessment is January First of the current year. The assessor determines a full or partial value of new construction, or improvements depending upon the state of completion as of January First.

The Assessor does not:


collect taxes

calculate taxes

determine tax rate

set policy for the Board of Review


The Assessor is concerned with value, not taxes. Taxing jurisdictions such as schools, cities, and townships, adopt budgets after public hearings. This determines the tax levy, which is the rate of taxation required to raise the money budgeted. The taxes you pay are proportionate to the value of your property compared to the total value of the taxing district in which your property is located.

Assessors are appointed to their positions by a Conference Board consisting of the members of the Board of Supervisors, the Mayors of all incorporated cities, and a member from each school district within the jurisdiction. A city with a population of ten thousand or more may elect to have their own assessor.


Assessors are required, by statute, to pass a state examination and complete a Continuing Education Program consisting of 150 hours of formal classroom instruction with 90 hours tested and a passing grade of 70% attained. The latter requirement must be met in order for the assessor to be reappointed to the position every six years. The Deputy Assessor also must pass a state examination as well as successfully complete 90 hours of classroom instruction of which at least 60 hours are tested.


The Conference Board approves the Assessor's budget and after a public hearing acts on adoption of same. The Assessor is limited, by statute, depending upon the value of the jurisdiction, to a levy limitation for his budget

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