Jones County Conservation Board

Russ Von Behren

2000 - Chair

Megan Manternach

2018 - Vice Chair

Jeff Pitlik

 2020 - Secretary

Dean Zimmerman

2016 - Present member

Dave Tabor

2011 - Present member

Please call the Jones County Conservation Office at 563-487-3541 if you would like to make contact with an individual Board Member.

Board meetings are held at 6:30pm on the second Monday of each month at the Central Park Nature Center.  Meetings are sometimes scheduled at other locations and times to address a particular issue.  Board meetings are open to the public.  People who wish to address the Board are encouraged to call the Conservation Office at least one week prior to the meeting to reserve a time on the agenda and to confirm the meeting location.


Conservation Board meeting attendance and participation provisions during this public health emergency:

The Jones County Conservation Board plan to continue to meet monthly electronically. The County is providing alternate opportunities detailed in the meeting agenda for remote participation via the internet, and various telephone options.


Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, and to abide by health, safety, and social distancing guidelines, the public will not be permitted to be physically present at the meeting. Remote participation options are available and further described elsewhere on the agenda.

All county staff who will be physically present at the meeting must go through a health screening survey at the entrance of the Nature Center. Remote participation is available via telephone and the internet using the information at the bottom, or second page, of the agenda. Various telephone numbers are listed in that information for audio only access.


Given the current public health emergency declared by the Governor, with respect to COVID-19, it is the position of the Conservation Board that their monthly meeting may occur electronically, as authorized under Iowa Code Section 21.8, as it is impossible or impractical to have the meeting in person and fully open to the public.

Next Meeting:    December 14, 2020


Next Meeting Agenda: 

If you have questions concerning the conservation board minutes or agendas, please contact the Jones County Conservation Board Administrative Office at or call 563-487-3541.

Past Month's Meeting Minutes:

Past Board Members:

Rob Roman 1997-2019

Larry Pisarik 1992-2018

Angie Christensen 2009-2016

Mike Rogers: 1999 - 2011

Rene O'Donnell - Hanlon: 1997 - 2009

Keith Somerville: 1997 – 1999

Mike Elkin: 1995 - 2000

John Riches: 1996 – 1997

Gordan Wherry: 1991 – 1996

Keith Dirks: 1990 – 1996

Daryl Wherry: 1988 – 1996

John Bader: 1986 – 1995

Robert Holland: 1982 – 1988

Robert Hosch: 1981 – 1991

Keith Christensen :1979 – 1989

Fred Petersen: 1977 – 1988

Howard Zirkelbach: 1972 – 1979

John Talbert: 1971 – 1981

Jack Stingley: 1970 – 1971

Larry Behrends: 1969 – 1986

Ezra Wenndt: 1968 – 1977

Louis Thuman: 1963 – 1970

Robert Hosch: 1961 – 1971

Fred Petersen: 1961 – 1968

Roy Rodman: 1961 – 1982

Chauncey Robinson: 1961 – 1969

Louie Hanken: 1961 – 1963

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