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Congratulations to the 2019 Jones County Conservation Award Recipients! 

Volunteer Award: Bill Edwards and the Wapsipinicon Trail Committee Members: Brad Hatcher, Kris Gobeli, Lisa McQuillen, Dusty Embree. Past Jones County Conservation Board Members: Angie Christensen 7 years, Larry Pisarik 26 years, and Rene O'Donnell-Hanlon 12 years.  Employee Recognition - 20 Years of Service: John Klein. 

Check out the new kiosk and signs at  the Eby's Mill Wildlife Area!

Mon/Maq Dam Project

Over the past 10 years the Jones County Conservation Board and interested citizens have been reviewing several options for the long term use and management of the Mon/Maq Dam Access near Monticello.  The center of this review has involved options for the dam itself, including significant modifications to the structure.  Click here to learn more about the project.

Maquoketa River and Mon/Maq Dam Focus Group Meetings 

(click here to read the final report from the focus group meetings.) 

Northeast Iowa RC&D was asked to facilitate eight focus group meetings.  The purpose of the meetings was to gather the public's opinions so that residents felt they could be open and honest with their views, provide opportunities for the public to inform county decision making so that more residents felt comfortable with final decisions made by the JCCB in relation to the Mon/Maq access and to gather input from a greater number of Jones County residents as well as input from different types of special interest groups.

Maquoketa River and Mon/Maq Dam Survey Results

(click here for the survey results)

The purpose of this survey was to be an objective part of an overall community listening strategy identifying key issues surrounding the Mon/Maq Dam and Maquoketa River's future.  The Maquoketa River and Mon/Maq Dam Public Input Survey gathered information on the usage of the Mon-Maq Dam, resident's priorities on river and dam functionality and resident's preference on five feasible options, from removing the dam and restoring the river, to leaving the dam the way it is.  While the survey was not intended to be a referendum on the issue, it was intended to help clarify depth of support and detraction for specific types of actions.

Central Park Lake Restoration 2018

Central Park Lake Restoration Fall/Winter 2017-18

Central Park Lake Restoration Fall / Winter 2017

Central Park Lake Restoration Spring 2019

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