Maps of Conservation Areas & Trails:

Central Park

Central Park Trails Map

Central Park Campground Map

Central Park Aerial Campground Map

Central Park Lake Map

Eby's Mill Wildlife Area

Ebys Mill Wildlife Area Map

EbysMill / Pictured Rocks / Indian Bluff

Grant Wood Trail

Grant Wood Trail - Martelle Section Map

Grant Wood Trail - Olin Section Map

Hale Wildlife Area

Hale Wildlife Area Map

Hamilton Tapken Prairie Preserve

Hamilton Tapken Prairie Map

Indian Bluffs 

Indian Bluffs Wildlife Area Map

Indian Bluffs Pictured Rocks Bird Conservation Area Brochure

Pictured Rocks Area

Pictured Rocks DNR online hunting atlas

Pictured Rocks Climbing Routes Map


Indian Bluffs Cave at Pictured Rocks

Indian Bluffs Cave Map

PLEASE NOTE:  Caving at Pictured Rocks is now limited to protect bat species against White Nose Bat Syndrome.  Cave users will need a completed authorization form from the Jones County Conservation Board Director or authorized representative in order to access the caves at Pictured Rocks.  

Permit/Authorization Form for Indian Bluffs Cave

Allow 1 week for completion of the authorization process

Caving Disinfection Protocol:

White Nose Syndrome Fact Sheet

Muskrat Slough

Muskrat Slough DNR Map

North Fork Wildlands 

N Fork Wildlands Map   (River access only)

Oxford Junction

Oxford Junction Wildlife Area

Scotch Grove Prairie

Scotch Grove Prairie Map

Wapsipinicon State Park

Wapsipinicon State Park Campground

Wapsipinicon State Park Map

Wapsipinicon State Park Trails Map

Whitewater & Lost Canyon

Whitewater / Lost Canyon Map


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