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This page last updated September 4, 2020.

The information provided on this site is a summary of benefits generally provided to employees of Jones County. Benefits, privileges and duties for employees covered under the collective bargaining agreement may vary depending on specific contract provisions.

Click here for the current collective bargaining (union) agreement (contract effective through 6/30/23).

Click here for the current employee handbook.

Click here for the current electronic media & technology policy.

Click here for the whistleblower policy & state ombudsman office information.

Contact the Jones County Auditor's Office for more information regarding employee benefits and to report changes to your personal information which may affect administration of your payroll records and benefits.

Auditor's Office ph. (319) 462-2282 or


 Jones County is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer.


Pay rates for employees in the collective bargaining agreement are reflected in the collective bargaining agreement-see link above.

Pay rates for employees not in the collective bargaining agreement are established by the respective elected official, or department head, and approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Employees generally serve a six-month probationary period. Pay increases may be granted for length of service, performance evaluations, or other factors. Across the board compensation increases may be considered by the Board of Supervisors, and if granted are generally made effective annually on July 1. All compensation paid to employees of Jones County is public record.


Jones County provides the following vacation benefits for all regularly scheduled full and part-time union employees, and for all non-union employees regularly scheduled to work at least 16 hours per week.

  • Earn 5 days during the first year which can only be used after the first anniversary of hire.

  •  Earn 10 days during the second through ninth years.

  •  Earn 15 days during the tenth through fifteenth years.

  •  Earn 20 days per year after the fifteenth year.


Two year maximum accrual of vacation allowed.

Payment of accrued vacation upon termination is generally allowed after the first year of employment.


For employees regularly working 16 hours or more per week Jones County provides 10 paid holidays each year:
• New Year's Day
• President's Day
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• Veteran's Day
• Thanksgiving Day and day after
• Christmas Eve Day

• Christmas Day

Personal Days

For all full-time employees, and non-union part-time employees, Jones County grants two paid personal days per fiscal year, though the first year benefit may be pro-rated for persons hired mid-year.

Sick Leave

Jones County provides paid time off to full-time employees for illness of the employee and for doctor, dental, and eye appointments that cannot be obtained outside normal working hours. Employees may use up to 3 days of their accumulated sick leave each fiscal year to care for their ill child, spouse, or parent. No payment of accrued sick leave is allowed upon termination.

Full-time employees earn 18 days per year at 1.5 days per month with 125 days maximum accrual. An employee who is at the maximum accrual may convert the monthly 12 hour sick pay accrual to 3 hours of vacation pay.

Jones County's policies comply with the federal Family & Medical Leave Act.


Wellness Program

Jones County sponsors a wellness program planned by county employees in various departments. 


Retirement Program - IPERS

The Iowa Public Employee Retirement System is a mandatory retirement plan designed to supplement both Social Security and private savings. Click here for current contribution rates. Go to for more information regarding the IPERS pension plan. (800) 622-3849  Click here for IPERS New Member information.

Jones County does not provide retirement counseling. Employees are encouraged to contact a retirement specialist at IPERS to discuss your retirement plan.


Deferred Compensation (457)

A deferred compensation plan is offered that provides tax advantages and an additional means in which to save for retirement with an easy payroll deduction. Employees may select from three companies offering deferred compensation. Jones County will match employee contributions up to $50 per month.

Representatives of both companies schedule periodic visits to Jones County to meet with employees. Watch your pay envelope for notification of these visits.


Click here for information about the deferred compensation plan offered through VOYA. (800) 555-1970


Click here for information about the deferred compensation plan offered through Nationwide Retirement Systems. (888) 401-5272


Click here for information about the deferred compensation plan offered through MassMutual.  (319) 462-4593

Section 125 Flexible Benefits Plan

For employees working 20 or more hours per week Jones County offers a flexible benefits plan recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Employees may set aside a portion of their wages for dependent care and certain medical expenses, prior to calculation of your federal, state, and social security taxes. You may file for reimbursement from your flexible benefit account when you incur applicable expenses. Amounts remaining unused in your account at the end of the year are forfeited to the County. 

Click here for the Jones County flexible spending plan document.


Click here to view a list of eligible expenses for the flexible benefits plan.


Information is also available at:



Health Insurance

For full-time employees working 35 or more hours per week, or as required by federal law. Jones County offers a health insurance program through Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Alliance Select Network.


The County pays 95% of the single premium and 85% of the family portion. Rates for coverage beginning July 1, 2019:


  • Single Plan - Employee pays $34.52 per month ($414/yr); County pays $656.14 per month ($7,874/yr)


  • Family Plan - Employee pays $183.96 per month ($2,208/yr); County pays $1,502.94 per month ($18,035/yr) 


  •  (Offsetting compensation is not provided to eligible employees who do not wish to enroll in the health insurance plan.

The employee share of the health insurance premium reduces their federal, state, and social security tax liabilities through our pre-tax premium plan.


Summary of health plan benefits (please refer to the plan document for additional details):


Deductible: $750/$1,500  Waived for well child care through age 6. See the preventive care section.  Most office services by a network provider are not subject to the deductible, however, co-insurance may apply.


Co-insurance: 20% network providers, 40% non-network providers. See the preventive care section.


Out of pocket maximum: $1,500 per person/$3,000 per family.


Preventive care: The deductible and co-insurance may be waived for qualified preventive care, items, services, and immunizations received from network providers. See the health plan document for additional details.

Benefit limitations:  Certain services are subject to limitations.


Pharmacy benefits: For approved medications: $10 co-pay Tier 1, $20 co-pay Tier 2, $45 co-pay Tier 3 medications; $100 co-pay for preferred specialty drugs. $50/$100 annual deductible, however the deductible may be waived for Tier 1 drugs.


Pharmacy benefits are subject to a $1,000 per person/$2,000 per family out-of-pocket maximum.


Click here for the Jones County health insurance plan document effective 7-1-19.

Click here for the health insurance Summary of Benefits (SBC) for coverage effective 7-1-18.

Click here for a health insurance change form. All completed forms must be returned to the Jones County Auditor's Office.


Information is also available at:

(800) 524-9242


The health insurance plan provided by Jones County meets the basic requirements of the federal Affordable Care Act.

Personal Accident Insurance

For employees covered on the health plan. Benefits include a $35,000 accidental death benefit and $8,750-$17,500 for loss of sight, hearing, speech, hands, feet, or fingers. Reduced benefits (10-50%) are included for covered spouse and children.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

For employees regularly scheduled 35 or more hours per week this benefit provides up to five years of benefit for a qualifying disability after a 90 day waiting period. The income benefit provides 60% of earnings, up to $3,000/month, for up to five years, with a social security offset. The premium is 100% county paid.

Life Insurance

For full-time employees the county provides a $20,000 term life insurance benefit.

The premium is 100% county paid.


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