Jones County Environmental Health                                                   

105 Broadway Place, Suite 11

Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Paula Hart - Administrator


Phone: 319-462-4715

Fax: 319-462-5302

Board of Health Members

**The office is located in the upper level in the building across from the old hospital 

This is a one person department therefore the office may need to be closed at times.  Feel free to call ahead at 319-462-4715 or email

Thank you

Dr. Kirk Kilburg

Dennis Coon 

Jane Ortgies - Vice Chairperson

Wayne Manternach - County Supervisor

Lyle Theisen - Chairperson

Water Testing
Real Estate Transfers: $25, or $35 if county takes sample

Rural Homeowners: Free; County personnel may test once a year with grant fund availability or homeowners can pay $25 to do the test on their own.

Please contact office for more information or select correct form below and submit.

Water test $25 fee
County water test request


View swimming pool inspections for all licensed pools in Jones County. This site also contains Linn County Pools.

View Septic System completion reports, maps, photos.

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