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JUNE 2020 -COVID 19 ALERT - The Central Park Nature Center is now open for viewing by appointment or walk-in when time slots are available.  Please call the administrative office at (563)487-3541 Ext 1 or Ext 3 to set up an appointment. Family groups of 6 or less can sign up for 1/2 hour time slots to walk through the center.  Many hand-on exhibits are currently closed or removed at this time.  Live animals are not being used in hands-on programs.  Anyone entering the Nature Center will need to complete a short COVID 19 health screening, sign-in, and wash hands before entering the exhibit and office space.  Face masks are encouraged.   We encourage everyone to continue to enjoy outdoor opportunities and adventure at Central Park while you await the return of close quarter indoor fun.  Administrative offices within the Nature Center are operating and business appointments can be made by calling (563)487-3541 The Nature Center is open from Memorial Day - Labor Day, Saturdays and Sundays, 1-5 PM. Educational programs are scheduled throughout the summer and are posted at the Nature Center, with the campground hosts and kiosks, online via Facebook and the website. The Nature Center is also open to the public when staff are present during the week. Groups and families wishing to view the Nature Center at other times throughout the year should contact the Naturalist at (319) 481-7987. Please continue to enjoy outdoor activities and adventures at Central Park.

May Warbler Walk:  Click Here to check out the Cornell Lab of Ornithology You Tube Video to learn the basics of Warbler Watching.   Then head out into your backyard or nearby park to see what warblers you can spot.  

Sidewalk Animal Art Program: Click Here to see our short virtual video on creating simple animal sidewalk.  Then head outside to make some animal art with chalk.

Pokemon in the Park:  Click here to learn how to safely play Pokemon at Central Park in Jones County, Iowa.  

Meet the Martins:  Click here to meet the purple martin colony at Central Park in Jones County.  

Campfire CookingClick here to learn a simple recipe for use when campfire cooking with foil.

Make & Take Craft - DIY- Bark Boats:  Click here to learn how to make a few simple bark boats and a fun paper boat that really floats!  Try making your own boats at home or stop by the Central Park Nature Center lower level patio area on July 11th or 12th, from 1-5 PM, to pick up a make and take craft boat kit to take with you. (Kit numbers limited- first come first serve.)

Liking Lichens:  Click here to learn what a lichen is with AmeriCorps Naturalist Intern, Diana Reuber.  Then download a fun scavenger hunt to test your new found lichen knowledge.  Lichen Scavenger Hunt PDF

Untouchables Hike:  Click here to learn about four plants you should avoid while playing, working, or hiking in the outdoors.  Click here to download a brochure to help you identify the untouchables in Diana's video.

Digital Scavenger Hunt:  Click here to access our  Central Park Digital Scavenger Hunt.  Find all of the locations within Central Park by 5 PM Saturday, August 1st to receive a prize.  Stop at the Nature Center with your digital family selfies - proof that you were at each location.  Every family completing the scavenger hunt receives a prize!

Amazing Dragonflies!  Click on the following links to watch short educational/fun videos on dragonflies.  For kids and kids at heart visit Sci Show Kids Super Strong Dragonfly video (3:47).  Then watch spectacular close up footage at National Geographic Secret World of Dragonflies Short Film Showcase(14:54).  Use a pond net and a few empty clear containers to explore along the edge of a pond, wetland, or small stream.  Make sure to go with an adult for safety.  Fill your container with water from the pond or wetland and then using your net try to catch and examine a dragonfly nymph.  (Make sure to release all the critters you discover back into the wetland or pond when you are done.  Click here to learn how to identify some of Iowa's dragonflies.  Want to test your new knowledge?  Click here to download a fun dragonfly scavenger hunt activity sheet to guide your family as you learn about dragonflies.  Then visit/click on or use the Kahoot App to test your dragonfly IQ.  Game Code:  04917311

Pet Rock Program:  Click Here to Join Jones County AmeriCorps Naturalist Intern, Diana Reuber, as she demonstrates a few easy pet rocks you can make at home.  Download directions here.  Click here for other fun pet rock links.

Fishing Friday - Short Videos:  June 2020

Bluegill Basics:  Click here to watch a great short video for families just learning the basics of bluegill fishing. 

Largemouth Bass:  Click here to watch a short video on the basics of catching largemouth bass with simple spinnerbaits. 

Channel Catfish:  Click here to watch a short video on the basics of catching channel catfish in a small lake or pond using nightcrawlers as bait.

Crappie:  Click here to watch a short video on the basics if catching crappie in a small lake or Iowa farm pond.  

June 2020 Family Fishing Challenge Pics


Twin Rivers Review Newsletter

The Twin Rivers Review is the Jones County Conservation Board newsletter.  It comes out twice a year.  Inside you will find everything you need to know to keep current including program schedules and meeting dates.

To receive a copy, please contact the JCCB Naturalist at 

Current Issue: Spring/Summer 2020

Have you visited Central Park lately?  Tell us about your visit - what you liked and what ideas you have... Click Here


Friends of Jones County Conservation

Award Winners


*Wapsipinicon Trail Committee:  In appreciation for countless hours of fundraising, grant writing, networking, and working with local county and state government, community organizations, businesses, Parks to People, and the Grant Wood Loop to make the Phase 1 completion of the Wapsipinicon Trail possible.  Thanks to all on this committee who are working together to better our community.  Fundraising on phase 2 of the Wapsi Trail Project continues.


*Bill Edwards:  Conservation volunteer and supporter and past staff member.  Bill has donated hundreds of hours to the care and betterment of Central Park.  Bill can often be spotted during the summer on a mower making sure Central Park looks its best.  Bill gives a warm welcome and friendly face to those visiting Central Park.  Thank You Bill!

*Board Members & Staff were recognized for their past years of service included:  Larry Pisarik - Larry who served on the Jones County Conservation Board for 26 years!  Rene O'Donnell-Hanlon was recognized for 12 years of service and Angie Christensen was honored for serving 7 years on the board.   John Klein was recognized for 20 years of service as the Jones County Conservation Boards Park Ranger.  Thanks to all for their hard work and years of service to Jones County!

Award Winners:  Wapsi Trail Committee.

Pictured Left to Right:  JCCB Members Russell VonBehren and Dean Zimmerman, award recipients Brad Hatcher, Kris Gobeli, and Lisa Mcquillen, Conservation Director Brad Mormann, and JCCB Member Dave Tabor.

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