Jones County Voting Precincts & Polling Places


As a result of the redistricting process following the 2010 census, many precinct boundaries were changed. In addition, the number of voting precincts were reduced from 17 to 14. Some polling place locations have also changed. Prior to the June 5, 2012 Primary Election, all active voters were mailed a notice from the Jones County Auditor informing them of their precinct name and polling place location.


Call the Jones County Auditor's Office at 319 462-2282 (e-mail if you have questions regarding your voter registration record or polling place.


Iowa law requires voters to vote in their precinct of residence.



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Jones County Precinct Boundary Map (pdf file)                               Jones County Precinct Boundary Map (jpeg file) 


Jones County Precinct Map with City of Anamosa, Cass Township, and Jackson Township detail


City of Anamosa Precinct Boundary Map                                      City of Monticello Precinct Boundary Map




Jones County General & Primary Election Polling Places 2014


Anamosa North/Cass                           Lawrence Community Center            600 E. Main St.                              Anamosa

       Includes the Anamosa North city precinct, Cass Township, and a very small portion of Fairview Township lying north of Holt St.See map for more detail.

Anamosa South/Jackson                    Anamosa Library                                    600 E. 1st St                                  Anamosa

     Includes the Anamosa South city precinct, Jackson Township, and a small portion of Fairview Township lying north of Highway 64 and generally

     east of Old Dubuque Rd.See map for more detail.

Castle Grove/Lovell/Wayne               Monticello Kirkwood Center                 220 Welter Dr.                              Monticello

     Includes Castle Grove, Lovell, and Wayne Townships.

Fairview                                                First Baptist Church                                  1302 E 3rd St.                               Anamosa

      Includes the larger portion of Fairview Township not described above in the Anamosa North/Cass and Anamosa South/Jackson precincts. See map for more detail.

Greenfield                                           Martelle Fire Station                                    212 Iowa St.                                  Martelle

     Includes the City of Martelle, and Greenfield Township. 

Monticello 1                                       Monticello Council Room                            220 E. 1st St.                                Monticello

Monticello 2                                       Monticello Veteran's Hall                             220 E. 1st St.                                Monticello

Monticello 3                                       Berndes Center                                              766 N. Maple St.                          Monticello

Monticello 4                                       Berndes Center                                              766 N. Maple St.                          Monticello

Oxford                                                 Oxford Jct. Fire Station                                 201 Main St.                                 Oxford Junction

        Includes the City of Oxford Junction, and Oxford Township.

Richland/Washington                      Cascade EMS Center                                     803 1st Ave W.                             Cascade

      Includes the Jones County portion of the City of Cascade, and Richland and Washington Townships.

Rome/Hale                                        Olin School Comm. Meeting Rm.                 301 Parkway St.                           Olin

     Includes the cities of Morley and Olin, and Hale and Rome Townships.

Scotch Grove/Madison/Clay          Onslow Community Room                           105 S. Main St.                             Onslow

     Includes the city of Onslow, and Clay, Madison, and Scotch Grove Townships.

Wyoming                                            Wyoming Memorial Hall                             130 W. Main St.                            Wyoming

     Includes the city of Wyoming and Wyoming Township.

City Election Polling Places (conducted by Jones County)

Anamosa North                                   Lawrence Community Center                600 E. Main St.                           Anamosa

Anamosa South                                   Anamosa Library                                      600 E. 1st St.                               Anamosa

Martelle                                                 Martelle Fire Station                                 212 Iowa St.                               Martelle

Monticello 1                                          Monticello Council Room                       220 E. 1st St.                               Monticello

Monticello 2                                          Monticello Council Room                       220 E. 1st St.                               Monticello

Monticello 3                                          Berndes Center                                         766 N. Maple St.                        Monticello

Monticello 4                                          Berndes Center                                         766 N. Maple St.                        Monticello

Morley                                                   Morley Fire Station                                   401 Main St.                               Morley

Olin                                                        Olin School Comm. Meeting Rm.           301 Parkway St.                         Olin

Onslow                                                  Onslow Community Room                      105 S. Main St.                           Onslow

Oxford Junction                                    Oxford Jct. Fire Station                             201 Main St.                               Oxford Junction

Wyoming                                               Wyoming Memorial Hall                         130 W. Main St.                         Wyoming

School Election Polling Places (conducted by Jones County) - updated 2013


Anamosa School                                    Lawrence Community Center              600 E. Main St.                             Anamosa

Midland-Lost Nation                            Sacred Heart Church                              903 Main St.                                 Lost Nation

Midland-Onslow                                   Onslow Community Room                   105 S. Main St                              Onslow

Midland-Oxford Junction                    Oxford Jct. Fire Station                           201 Main St.                                 Oxford Junction

Midland-Wyoming                               Wyoming Memorial Hall                       130 W. Main St.                            Wyoming

Monticello School                                  Berndes Center                                        766 N. Maple St.                          Monticello

Olin School                                             Olin School Comm. Meeting Rm.         301 Parkway St.                           Olin

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